Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lesson 2 - Defining Creativity

lectured by Mr.Mustaffa Muzer

Defining Creativity
From my point of view, creativity has the ability to create different but useful things to improve our life, just like interior design and product design. These design not only decorate and turn our life to become more interesting, it also let us feel more comfortable with it. Beside that, it can generate solution to solve issues or problems effectively as well as save times in our daily life.

These are the interior design images taken from google that i want to share.

I like how the designer apply the colour tone in the room, this kind of design is suitable for kids. It bring happiness to children. It can make a person's childhood
full of memory of joy.

Personally, i will do this to my room if i own one. Although the room is whole white colour, but the drawing on the wall and the bed, everyone can make it. The owner can draw anything and apply any style that they like on the drawing. This will bring us a unic design, totally different from the others. Every single line is come out from your own, your own style.

This kind of design has become more and more comman in our daily life nowadays. However, i still want to praise these designers. They throw the mindset of the older generation because in the past, if we think about toilet, we will think it is a dirty place. But now, toilets in shopping malls are all designed creatively. Users can relax and refresh their mind after a tiring walk to gain back energy.

What is creativity?

From the class today, i have learnt a lot of things and i have summaries the notes given by lecturer. Commonly, these are what i get from the class. Everyone can be creative.We just have to develope our ability and try to motivate ourselves as well as go beyond it.We have to work hard to develope our creativity to let it become the second nature of us. Just like what Thomas Edison said, Creativity is an attitude, combine with effort; 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Problem is the key for us to learn and to improve our life, it gives us chances to face it,solve our problem and at the same time, solve it in a creative way.Creativity works similarly to muscles in our body. To have creativity easily accessible to us, we should use it on a regular basis. The more we use it in our daily life the easier it will flow.Usually there are many years of hard work behind every great innovation.

People who are successfull in their lifes usually struggle a lot.Majority of creative endeavors are improving upon concepts that already exist or putting several old concepts into a new combination. Creative idea is not a product of one person effort. It is a synthesis of many elements, ideas, context, knowledge, etc?Environment plays a big role to the creation of a unique or new idea.Brainstorming can be fun. The trick is to find one that works for you. Creative idea take place in the least expected environment.

Creativity belongs to everyone and it is not just the domain of an artist. Creativities can be applied in most aspect of our daily life.Everybody is different, we have to find the techniques that work better for us. There is no difference in the quality of one technique over another, only the personality of the users are different. Any technique that sparks your creativty more, just work on it.

Personal Reflection:

During the lecture, Mr.Mus told us that everyone are born with creative mind but different in perspective and point of views. YA! It is very true, some people always say that they are not creative, this is the thinking which kill their creativity. If we are not willing to work hard, how can we become creative? All of us are born with the ability to be creative. This is our human nature. Many great artists and creative people like scientist and inventors, they have left clear footprints in their work. Behind the creative, no one does not know their hardship and hard work for an artwork. The genius that well known in the past is like Leonardo Da Vinci. I very admire his work, it is very creative and i can see all the afford that he had done in his works.

These are some examples of Leornado da vinci's artwork i want to share.

Do you know how many secrets and history were hidden in this artwork? Scientist, film makers, artists, geologists, and historiographers study on it for hundreds of years. Try to imagine, how many hard work he has put on it and time spent on it to insert all his ideas and his technique.

This is the drawing that drawn by leornado, it is about the movement of human's body. In order to draw this picture, he has to know the anatomy of human being, this is what he study before he create a artwork.

We can see it from these two pictures, not only the outside of human body, he also study the organs inside our body. These are all hard works. This is why he can be a creative person.

There are also the studies of planes and other machines. Knowlegde are needed to be creative. Creative is not fully imagination. This is one of the images of planes that created by him.

From the lesson, we learnt about CREATIVITY in class. Creativity can not be obtained easily and we need times as well as afford, more afford, to learn from basic skills and every single part so that we can perform well in our work. It is not a easy job to be creative but everyone have the ability to be creative.


This is the images i draw for my friend, Stevan Lee,with Adobe Illustrator. In my mind, he is person that full of sense of humour. Although he looks cool from the outside, actually he is a funny person, friendly and smart. Thats why i draw him with tattoo and cool expression but there is a flower in his mouth.

I'm going to share a quote by this week too, it is...

“Genius means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an unhabitual way.” — William James

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